• Founder Shield

    “Initially we reached out to Nomad seeking a basic bookkeeping service provider, but they quickly grew into a trusted and indispensable part of our team.”


    - Carl Niedbala, COO at Founder Shield


    Serious Eats

    "Nomad's CFO was incredibly knowledgeable, available, responsive, and utterly unflappable. I came to count on Nomad's CFO at a crucial time at our company, and he always came through."


    - Ed Levine, Founder of Serious Eat

    Escaping Digital Death

    Helping a High Quality News Source Survive


    "Nomad helps us smoothly maintain our bookkeeping, allowing my team to focus on growing our business supported by data and insights from a full financial picture. They give us a high quality, cost effective resource that still feels as though it is part of the team.”


    - Arie Barendrecht Co-Founder & CEO


    "Julia and Katya have been great partners for LeagueApps. They're always available when I need them and are highly competent. Most importantly, they care about my business and treat it like it's their own. That's invaluable service and we're greatly appreciative."


    - Stephen Yang

  • Case Study: Founder Shield

    Helping a business organize and scale accounting systems

    A Quickly Scaling Company In Need Of Financial Operations

    Founder Shield reached out to us for accounting services and financial operations. They were looking to scale their business and needed tools that would provide them with the necessary financial information to make key decisions.


    Founder Shield is a boutique commercial insurance brokerage firm focused on the venture-backed community. They’re able to streamline the application process by leveraging technology and very quickly matching clients with well-tailored insurance packages.


    When Founder Shield first came to us, they had a highly complex bookkeeping system that varied according to each client and platform. We were asked to align their bookkeeping operations, expedite their payment processing and provide them with easy to understand tools for accurately tracking revenue recognition and accounts receivable.

    Pairing Core Technology With Best-In-Class Service

    We helped them by aligning their financial operations, implementing an easy to understand tech-enabled financial system, and providing them with reporting and analysis functions with the following steps:


    Financial Operations

    • Align transactional operations
    • Create a robust accounts payable and accounts receivable process, unique to each broker and client
    • Implement tax and legal analysis procedures
    • Modify any previous financial deficiencies

    Financial System

    • Automate transactional processes
    • Outsource payment processes
    • Streamline account management
    • Track all payables and receivables

    Reporting and Analysis

    • Identify and evaluate key revenue generating components
    • Maintain company books
    • Monthly financial reporting
    • Yearly tax filing

    Accounting That Scales With Growth

    With our help, Founder Shield eliminated their most significant financial pain points and improved financial transparency, which increased their bottom line performance and allowed them to comfortably hire for growth. We continue to provide Founder Shield with monthly financial analytics that play a critical role in their strategic decision-making process.

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